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Biotechnology in a bottle!

Shed the extra weight in your travel

Turn your dirty clothes into an asset, not a liability!

Wear your clothes fresh again

Get rid of awkward smells (sweat, cigarette, etc)

Travel as an expert

Be practical!

Pack whites again

Be prepared for any slip ups

More time for exploring

Not waiting for expensive laundry services!

No more bulky laundry kits

Forget about handwashing in the sink and tedious drying time

Inspiring women

A truly disruptive story about two students, one from Mexico and one from Colombia, who are about to change travel stories.

Inspiration, Research and Technology All Together

The combination of these resources led us to start working on an idea about a laundry solution based on biotechnology with lower water utilization and non-harmful cleaning compounds, WAYAKIT.

100% percent proved

Bloodstains Test

They’re all gone!

pEOPLE ARE shocked with the results of the WAYAKIT.

tHESE are some of the comments we have received:

  • I always dreamed about something like this, thank you!
  • I think it’s a really useful solution to have a proper outfit all the time.
  • When it comes to stains, I’m the leader of having one unconsciously. What a great idea!

We are Luisa and Sandra, two engineers and entrepreneurs from Mexico and Colombia, who love traveling and we are chasing our dreams by linking environmental sciences with real-world applications.

Our mission

We want your trips to be more practicals and enjoyable for you to focus in just keep traveling!

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